For those who who walk as protectors for all their days


Our M42 knife IS 100% U.S.A. Made


We pride ourselves with making all our knives in the United States by true craftsmen. Our knife has been battle tested and hardened by military, law enforcement and special operators worldwide. We also make our knife out of 4040 hardened steel for ultimate durability and reliability. 

We pride ourselves on supplying the best equipment we can for our special forces. The Akita M42 knife is above the rest...
— Sgt. Davis Smith, U.S.M.C.

Get your Akita M42 KNIFE




An Akita is dedicated, determined & unrivaled. They never back down and are always there for you. We built our brand and ethos around these simple principals and believe our products deliver unrivaled results for modern day military applications. We hope you agree.