QUESTION:  Why do we have trainer knives? 

ANSWER: To be able to play fighting knife games safely. 

QUESTION:  Why do we have drone knives? (i.e. ones that closely replicate a particular knife)

ANSWER:  So that we can train with safety to maximize the skills distinct to our preferred knife.

In our thinking here at Akita Tactical we break this down into three parts:

FIRST:  GETTING THE KNIFE IN HAND.  This includes not only the basic draw stroke that minimizes our exposure to being hit during the draw or our draw being  fouled but also WADF (Weapon Access During Fight).  

Whether you are  carrying in civilian, law enforcement or military kit, the unique handle design of the Akita and the Shiba maximize your ability to get a good solid grip on your knife.  Our handle  design and large ring  size makes it easy for the index finger to find the ring-- even  with shooting  gloves on. 

SECOND:  SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND FUNCTIONALIZATION.    As the saying goes, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast" and a quality drone is an important part of developing your skills and putting them to increasing rigorous testing.

Some thoughts on power.  You will often hear it said that a knife does not require power, and in a sense this is true; but on the other hand I am reminded of a long and serious conversation I had many years ago with Don Pentecost, author of the underground classic "Put 'em down, take 'em out-- knife fighting techniques from Fulsom Prison".   

One of the many things he said to me that have stayed with me was this "There is no technique.  You steel yourself up.  You pump him until he is dead.  Then you bind your wounds."  Look at my good friend and senior federal corrections officer Mike "Dogzilla"Tibbitts for an idea of what this looks like in hammer  grip.

Things brings us to a very important issue-- the risk of sliding down onto the blade when a powerful thrust hits something hard!  If you do not have complete confidence in this--- even when the knife and your hand are covered with blood, your animal mind will bring less than full commitment to the engagement!!!

With the Akita and the Shiba you can-- and the drones of the Akita and the Shiba let you put this safely to the test so that when reality hits the fan you have complete confidence.   

This is why our drones are usually sturdy.   Put blood or oil on the drone and pound away to your heart's content on a hard target such as a tire-- our drone can take it!  Not only will your grip improve, but you will come away from the experience with  from the experience of hitting hard with the drone what you can do without fear of sliding down upon the blade.

FOURTH:  INTEGRATION WITH GUN.  For  some of us, another aspect of functionalizing  our knife skills is to integrate them with our gun(s) i.e. what to do in CQB when your gun goes click and the adversary is upon you?  

In my teaching,  we have a block of material for serious players  that takes us from gun to knife and back to gun that takes advantage of the unique features of the handle.  Having a quality drone for functionalizing this advanced skill set is essential.

Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny