Who we are

Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny

Chief Executive Officer


Kevin Carr

Chief Design Officer


Growing up in the Martial Arts, I trained in various styles from kyokushin karate to Aikido ending up in Taekwondo and Boxing. Of course being a Bruce Lee fan I came to adopt the JKD concept of “No way as way”.  In 1994 my boxing coach had a friend David, who introduced me to the Inosanto blend of JKD and this mythical group called “The Dog Brothers” whom he would help film during their “Gatherings”.  Through natural progression in 1996, I got involved with NHB (No Holds Barred, an earlier and more brutal incarnation of MMA) with Mark Hall out of Murrieta, CA that eventually led me to Japan fighting for UFO (Universal Fighting Arts Organization) under the New Japan Pro Wresting syndicate.  After getting a taste of the fight game, I realized it wasn't for me, especially how it was back then..

    I moved away from the sport and pursued a film career in visual effects specifically in 3D Scanning.  From Long range LiDAR, Photogrammetry, and white Light systems, I mastered the art of data collection on productions all over the world.  That mastery led me to Engineering, Industrial Design, and Manufacturing.

    I formally met Marc Denny in 2007 while training at the Inosanto academy.  His blend of JKD with the understanding of real life application lived up to his reputation. After a couple years of training and earned friendship, we started designing the Akita.  The architecture has gone through many iterations refining the geometry. I hope you find our knives favorable to the applications they were designed for.

My personal website : www.edgeflow.xyz